Albert George Nicklen, born 8th February 1923 — died 9th October 2014.

RAF Flight Engineer Sgt. Albert George Nicklen 1806513

He trained on the Stirling and Lancaster aeroplanes, as a Flight Engineer.

When my Uncle George died, I asked the Executors/Beneficiaries of my Uncle’s Estate, if they would save and give to me any historical photographs or papers of my Uncle’s working life, which they did not wish to keep. Thankfully they did donate to me a box of history.

My Uncle always used his second name George; to his friends and to his colleagues he was Nick.

My Sons suggested that I write a “Blog”, which they would help me with on the “technical” side, so here it is. I do hope that someone out there will find it interesting, especially the Log Book and aircraft photos.

A lot will be guess work on my side, so please excuse me when I get things wrong!

Edit: There is a second post with more photos and documents here: Albert George Nicklen — More photos and documents — Susan — Medium

My Uncle’s aircraft career began at Fair Oaks Aerodrome, Woking. Here he worked on the Tiger Moths.

On the 19th January 1942, he went for his medical in Guildford, prior to joining the Royal Air Force. He was 19 years old.

Below is the Grade card and other paperwork connected to medicals.

On the 2nd January, 1942, George received his letter welcoming him into the Royal Air Force, sent to his parent’s home, where he lived too.

From George’s Log Book, the first entry is from RAF, 1651 C.U. Wratting Common. He was stationed here from 17th May 1944 until 5th August 1944. Up to the 9th June the log book states, “Air Experience”, from the 10th June to the 5th August, he was Engineer.

From the 1st September 1944, Uncle was with the 149 Squadron, Methwold. This is where his war began.

On the 6th September he went to RAF Mildenhall.

On the 9th September he went on G.H. training. A navigation system.

On the 27th September he went on his first sortie of G.H. bombing.

In all he completed 31 operational sorties. Usually the first term is 30, but an engineer was sick, so Uncle went in his place.

His Log Book really tells his story, much better than I can, it is all here to read.

The link below seems to connect with Uncle George’s Log Book.

Uncle also had cut pieces from a later magazine of about the same time, shown below.

Bombing Maps

Phrase Book (if captured)

Flight Logs

Flight log papers

Like many other Service People after the war, my young Uncle, suffered with stress issues on his demob from duty. PTSD was not readily recognised at that time.

After the end of the war, Uncle George joined the Royal Aircraft Establishment, Farnborough, where he continued to work until his retirement. This the reference that he took to the RAE:

In later years he worked on the helicopters.

He kept his Log book up to date up to the time he retired from the RAE, as you can see by the entries.

The log book gives a list of the planes that he flew in. I will be writing another post soon about all the aeroplanes he and his crew flew in during the War and later in the RAE, including his time at Manby and Methwold.

Aeroplanes he flew in.

Tiger Moth (Fairoaks Aerodrome)

Stirling 1 & 111

Lancasters 1 & 111

Lancaster 1 & 111

Warwick V

Proctor 11

Liberator V1

Anson V

Fortress 11

Wellington X




Whirlwind 1 & X

Wessex 1 & 5

Seaking 1



BAC 111